Lisa Carletta is a Belgian photographer, who started her career in Fashion Photography before pursuing her Master of Fine Art at Royal College of Art.

Her work was noticed for the first time during the contest Weekend Photo Award #1 in 2008 where she won the 3rd prize for her first fine art photography series.

After this moment, Lisa’s career as a photographer started and soon galleries followed with successfull exhibitions. Now Lisa’s work can be seen in: Sophie Maree Gallery in The Hague, Le Showroom in Brussels but has also been on tour in Paris, Brighton, Cannes, Madrid…

She collaborated with great artists such as Stromae, Selah Sue, Mathias Malzieu, Rossy de Palma, Christine & the Queens, Emilie Simon, Diane Pernet, Vitalic and many others.


She creates new worlds to which most of us can relate too.

Especially in her autonomous work Lisa offers us a dreamlike and nostalgic universe in a narration where she developed a keen sense of aesthetics, staging and detail, all with a tasty singular humor.